American Heritage Girls Counters Pride Month with Guide for ‘Raising Godly Girls’

By Nicole Wells    |   Tuesday, 14 June 2022 04:37 PM

This Pride Month, American Heritage Girls is pushing back against the cultural promotion of LGBTQ lifestyles with “A Raising Godly Girls Guide to Gender and Identity,” Breitbart News reports.

The Christian alternative to the “woke” Girl Scouts of the USA, American Heritage Girls told the news outlet it is working to thwart efforts to “indoctrinate” young people with ideology that runs counter to Christian teachings and natural law.

“For centuries, the beauty of God-given femininity has been under attack, its definition debated, its behavior contested,” Patti Garibay, AHG founder and executive director, said in a statement. “Secular humanism has attempted to destroy the beautiful model of femininity and transform it into an equal model of masculinity.”

“Today, it has gone one step further to claim an embrace of non-binary sexual identity,” she added.

Garibay went on to say that the debate over the “confusion in our society” has made its way down to children.

“God-given femininity requires no debate,” she said. “It is a gift that, when freely accepted, will bless a woman throughout her life whether she wears heels and loves shopping or whether she serves the hungry in her jeans and comfy t-shirt.”

“Scripture is clear: There is a difference between male and female, and it is worth celebrating,” Garibay continued. “Scripture defines the true nature of a woman: relational, nurturing, vulnerable, with a love for beauty and a desire to respond.”

According to the AHG’s Raising Godly Girls Blog, the guide provides “the knowledge, tools, and Scripture-based advice to speak truth on gender and identity and, in turn, raise up a Godly girl.”

Available as a free e-book download, the guide features a glossary of gender terms that were sourced from Merriam-Webster dictionary and a list of open-ended questions meant to help spark conversation between parents and daughters about gender.

It also directs parents toward other “like-minded, Biblically sound and Christ-centered ministry alliances” for further guidance, and helps parents answer the question of when to bring in outside help.

“Children struggling to recognize the truth in their Godly design often are also often burdened with mental illness including anxiety, depression, and even thoughts of self-harm or suicide,” the guide explains. “If you notice common behaviors of anxiety or depression, like becoming withdrawn or socially distant, neglecting themselves, low self-esteem, ruminating thoughts, giving away possessions, or even chronic maladies (like constant headaches/stomachaches), this could be a sign that your daughter is struggling. Seek the professional clinical and spiritual care of a Christian counselor and together you can find healing for your girl.”

Founded by a group of parents wanting a faith-based, scout-type character development program for their daughters, AHG has troops in all 50 states and in 15 countries around the world, according to the organization.

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