Fellow American, I know it’s been a while since we last connected, but something came up that I knew you’d want to know about.  As a pro-life person, I know your heart beats with compassion for the babies at risk of abortion and their parents swept up in the lies of our pro-abortion culture.  That’s why pro-life people like you provide expectant moms with free ultrasounds and life-saving advice through the Option Ultrasound program.  These ultrasounds enable moms to see their babies for the very first time, enabling them to make informed decisions and choose life. Through these interactions, we’ve learned A LOT about how to talk with parents facing the most difficult situations and empower them to choose life. This knowledge has been distilled into a cutting-edge video series, “8 Lies About Abortion”,  that will enable you to be a better voice for the babies at risk in your community.  When I was watching the videos, you came to mind. I wanted you to have them so you can be encouraged and empowered in your pro-life advocacy. Click here to sign up for this free video series.  I hope it’s a blessing to you!  As you watch the videos, please be in prayer for the moms, dads, and preborn babies who are in abortion’s crosshairs today. Pray that they may be saved from this horrific procedure.  Thank you for standing with those at risk! Jim DalyPresident, Focus on the Family

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