A One-Eyed Christian

There are so many distractions in this world. We are besieged by commercials on TV. We have friends and relatives giving us advice. Government regulations sometimes protect us but sometimes interfere with our free lifestyles. The idea of manhood has been polluted. The necessity of a healthy family is becoming obsolete. Fairness in education and sports is questionable. Distractions abound. It is difficult to listen to your conscience. An abundance of beliefs has permeated what was once considered biblical living. A recent Gallup polls says that the belief in God has diminished. Most everybody has advice but no answers. Local support is only available if we comply with what others believe or want. It seems so many people have ulterior motives. Love of God and country has been imposed upon us as obsolete.

In the midst of all of the whirlwind in our lives we do have an answer. Matthew 6:22: says, “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

In other words, stay focused on what is truly important. Ignore the distractions. Maintain a direction that has no exit ramps. Consistently look ahead. Have your priorities in order. Answer only to God and your conscience. Advice is fine, but that is only advice and not necessarily truth or fact. Decide ahead of time what is proper. Consider any input that is relevant only to the point they will uplift you. Know that there are natural consequences which you must experience. Be able to differentiate between light and darkness even if it appears as an angel of light. Understand what truth is when defined by the Bible. If your eye is single, you will stay focused. You will benefit by having discernment. Others will see you as a person of integrity. New standards will always be high. Love God first. Do not interpret input from many directions. Be what God intended you to be.

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