Why is God a “HE?”

Part of the liberal movement has been to give God a new identity. Some of the efforts include substituting God with the idea of the “Universe” as the overseer of good and bad. The second idea of theirs is to call God a “She.” Finally, to them God is a good luck charm; they wear necklaces that depict images of saints or a cross. Liberals and heretics do not want to call God a “HE.” To do so would cause God to be too personal. One reason they give is that God has no physical body, but it is spirit.

Allow me to offer several reasons why God should be thought of as a “HE.” It is not by accident that we should think of God in that way. Here are some reasons to support this thinking.

The Bible calls God a “HE” or uses a similar male term such as Heavenly Father. Looking to the original language of the Old and New Testament, the references to God use a male label. In fact, the word is very different from that of a female. Concluding this point, God should not be referred to as an “IT.” Case in point, in the eighth chapter of Romans, the King James version of the Bible had a mistaken translation referring to the Holy Spirit as it. The Greek word as originally penned was male.

In times of crisis, we commonly call on God as “HE.” It seems each person has a natural instinct to think of God in that way. God is all-powerful! Therefore, his attributes are best characterized as a male person. To think otherwise would diminish our reliance on him. In the Bible when deliverance was needed, it was by the divine male.

Several places in the New Testament interface God or Jesus with the human family. There is a word picture of God as the head of the family with the family being humans. Going deeper into this subject, the Bible draws a comparison between a groom and a bride with the bride being the church and the groom being Jesus.

When Jesus was conceived miraculously in the womb of Mary, he was conceived by the Holy Spirit as a male. Jesus grew up as a male, ministered as a male, was crucified as a male, and was resurrected as a male. He was prophesies in the Old Testament to be a male. As the Son of God born into human flesh, he was able to serve on earth as a rabbi or teacher. Today in the liberal branch of Judaism females could become a rabbi, but that was not the case in biblical days.

In the Bible, males did chores or had careers that were male oriented. It was unlikely to find a carpenter or a fisher of fish or a tax collector to be a female. Certainly, those careers could not have been done by an “IT.”  Jesus was crucified between two males whose career was not of a criminal.

The next time you are in trouble you will have a spiritual and mental image of God is a male who is strong and can deliver. It is important that we do not allow this modern world to rob us of the comfort we gain by seeking the refuge in the strong arms of God.

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