The Spirit World

Make no mistake. There is the physical world and there is the spiritual world. In the physical world mankind is said to be natural, carnal, or redeemed. Believers are never perfect. They will send. The importance is the true believer will ask God’s forgiveness. This brings into importance the spiritual conscience and the influence of the Holy Spirit to live a godly life.

Angels – are specially created individuals that reside in heaven around God’s throne. Sometimes they are sent to earth on a mission for protection and guidance. This writer believes that every person has what is called a guardian angel. That angel is assigned to the human to offer special help, blessing, and guidance to get through this world as aliens. They are described as ministering spirits in the Bible on occasion the execute God’s wrath. There will come a time in which they will gather the elect from the four corners of the earth.

Demons-are likely the disembodied spirits of those who lived before Adam on this earth. Because of their sin God judge them for their wickedness and uncleanness. As spirit beings, they seek to live in human bodies sometimes tormenting that person. Sometimes they the range the person in mind and body. Sometimes they are so torturous that they totally run the person’s life. They are servants of Satan to do his evil will.

Michael-is mentioned three times in the book of Daniel. In the book of Jude is called an archangel. In Revelation is mentioned as the one who commands Angels or army of angels of heaven. A special mission is to deliver God’s people from the power of Satan. He is likely the archangel’s voice will be heard when the dead in Christ shall rise.

Gabriel-is mentioned four times in the Bible. His assignment seems to be associated with God’s redemptive work. When he talks to humans it is about Christ redemption and for his coming. He described himself in the Bible is the one who stands in the presence of God.

Satan-is very dangerous. At one time he was the highest archangel in heaven. But because he told himself he could be equal with God he was thrown out of heaven with one third of the angels with him. The Bible says that those angels are kept in chains and special place in hell called Tartarus where they are reserved for judgment. One of his main desires is to keep people from accepting Christ the Savior or, if they do, then to influence them in such a way that they damaged their testimony to the world.

Mankind- who is the descendent of Adam was created in the image of God. This does not imply that mankind has supernatural powers. Instead, it says that the human being has self-awareness, has a will, can think and plan, and seeks to carry out personal desires. Matter is composed of body, soul, and spirit.  In that way, he is like God of the Trinity. The human has a natural body in which she seeks to fulfill animal desires. It implements the five senses to which he relates to the  outside world . The spirit of man has within it a natural desire for worship and divine fellowship. The soul of a man is an eternal living individual that when the man dies it leaves the body. The soul is the personality and the thinking part of the human. It is the psyche of man.

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