What is the Church?

The church was established by Christ. It was Christ’s expectation church would fulfill his ambition for people to hear the gospel all over the world. The church is not a continuation of Jewish theology. It is not the kingdom of heaven on earth. Then what is it?

The church was a mystery that was first revealed by the apostle Paul. Part of that ministry was the incorporation of the Gentiles as believers. It was God’s intention that the church be the body of Christ on earth.

The church’s work be called he called out people. The word church comes from the Greek word ecclesia which means an assembly or congregation of people called out. Therefore, the first thing that should be a label to the church as it is not to be part of, equal to, or associated with the world and its function or delivery. Ephesians 1 describes the church is the body of Christ with Jesus as the head. I Corinthians 12 discusses those who are members of the church like a physical body which each member has its own purpose or function.

The only way for Christ to be revealed to the world is through his body-the church. In seeing the members of the church, God expects them to see Christ. Members are expected to mature or become perfect which is an analogy. The church is also called the bride of Christ. Scripture discusses Christ as the groom and the church is the bride. The faith that Peter expressed toward Christ as the Messiah is the same faith that enables anyone to become a member of the church as long as they confess their sins and recognize Jesus as the son of God, Lord, and Savior.

The church was never intended to be a place of amusement. Nor was it intended to be a house of merchandise for the sale of indulgences or commodities. Also, the church is not an organization to help people reform. God did not intend that to become a social service agency. Likewise, was not intended to be a museum for saints or the hospital for sinners.

The church is failed in its mission by patronizing the world. It is not Strictly to the gospel doctrine’s. It is not preached the blood of Christ and the resurrection of Christ for salvation. The church is become so wrapped up in his lost its way. It is become wrapped up in the nice things in the good things to do the people and for people. Actually, the church is not intended to conduct services in which people would profess their faith in Christ. Instead, it was the mission of the individual members of the church to go out into the world and win people to Christ. Then those new converts are brought to church to celebrate the relationship with Christ and for the church to hover over them protecting and teaching them. Very sad, temptation of the church is in Christ’s own words in Revelation 3: 20 in which he pictures himself outside of the church, knocking and asking to command.

There are small groups of people that are genuine believers in Jesus and have their salvation locked-in him for eternity. These people are the called-out ones from the world. These people are the ones who represent Jesus; not by fabulous music presentations or wonderful programs but by the Holy Spirit that helpers over them giving them joy. Anyone can be a member of the church; not by saying short insincere prayers or being dumped in water. Anyone can become a member of the church by a sincere regret for their sinful ways and offering true heartfelt repentance.

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