The Restoration of the Jews

After the Roman general Titus destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in seventy A.D., the Jews had been dispersed throughout the world. The side of their temple became location of a mosque. They were only left with a wall that they called the Wailing Wall. They write notes and put them in the cracks between the bricks on the wall for God’s attention. The Jews of existence for many centuries without the beloved temple and without the ability to be fully formalized as they once were.

However, in many places of the Old Testament God made promises that the Jews would return to Israel. I promise was fulfilled in 1948 in which Israel became owners of their beloved Israel. When that pact was signed, land was also delegated to the Palestinians. However, the leader of the Palestinians refused to accept the agreement. This causes people to live in tents and makeshift cities for many, many years. After Qaddafi died, a renewed interest appeared for the Palestinians to have their own homeland. Still, they do not want to have their own land adjacent to Israel. Wars and skirmishes exist to this day. God has promised this restoration in Jeremiah 30, Amos 9, Isaiah 11 and other verses.

There is much debate among scholars those who returned to Israel so they might establish a nation are the Jews Christ intended to have the land. It has been said that there are ten lost tribes, and the descendants are Anglo-Saxons. All that we can say is that those who currently live in Israel are representative of all the Hebrews. Even though they have regained their homeland, they have not recognized Christ as the Messiah. We currently are living in was called the times of the Gentiles.

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