What Would You Like to Ask Jesus?

If you were able to talk personally and physically to Jesus, what would you like to ask him?  If you and Jesus were sitting together in your home, would be on your mind?

One question that comes to everyone’s mind is – Why.  Why did this or that happen?  Why was such a thing so tragic? Why did you not answer my prayer? Why is the world such a mess? Why is my life not working out the way I want it to be?

Much of the answer deals with your idea of who God is. Is he your butler to fetch or do exactly as you expect? Perhaps you see God as the grocery store owner that has in stock all you want.  Maybe you believe God should wrap his plan or conduct around your desires. It might be that you are so aloft from God that anything that goes wrong quickly draws you away from him. You might even confuse yourself what it means to serve God.  All of this centers around the fact that God is the Master, and we are his servants. Who do you really believe should be in charge of the Universe?  If we are going to recognize God as God, we must submit to that principle completely. It is a matter of total trust in all that is God.

Another question that comes to mind is – when. Our plans are naturally important to us. That makes a certain priority for what we want.  We want that job promotion now.  We think we are justified in expecting others to act like we want.  We can easily become discouraged if something does not happen on our timetable.  We can turn away from our prayers while trying to make something happen the way we think they should.  Our human time piece is most important to us. It is easy to become impatient.  We can be critical of God or others all because it is not happening immediately. That attitude can lead to cynicism. It would be easy to be a negative person.

We are a people in this modern age that expects immediate gratification. We do want it NOW. Perhaps we should ask ourselves how reasonable we are behaving. It could be that certain events must be aligned before our wishes can occur. There could be hindrances. Maybe we are not ready in our minds or spirits to receive what we want. There could even be great harm for that quick answer. To demand an immediate answer would place us above God’s authority by telling him about the details for our plans to kick in.  After we get what we want, we might regret the result.

The ultimate answer to anything we might ask Jesus is faith.  We can shout from the roof tops that we have faith, but when it is needed to be actuated, where is it?  We can insist that we have faith, yet our actions prove otherwise.  To have faith in God means we are always willing to say yes to him even though we do not understand or do not like the outcome. Faith is a stable commodity not shaken by circumstances.  It is a stubborn conviction that we want God to always have his way.  While having faith, we can rejoice in him regardless of what is immediately happening. That does not mean we like what is happening necessarily.  It does mean we firmly are convicted that God will see us through whatever mountain is ahead.  By having faith, we are looking beyond: beyond our plans, our disappointments, our hurts, our efforts.  If we are going to have faith, we look at God and not the world or the circumstances.

What is your question to Jesus? Is it while trusting him? Is it while having faith in him? Or is it making room for doubt?  Be careful with your questions because they can belittle your spiritual life.

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