What Are You Willing to Surrender to Christ?

We want to present a certain image to others that we are good, kind, loving, generous, bold, courageous, strong, or independent, etc. The truth of the matter is that none of us have any certain trait all the time.  In fact, we often wear a mask to convince others what we want them to believe about us whether true or not. For instance, the playground bully is likely a coward inside and behaves unkindly to cover his own inadequacies. There is a major difference between how others see us, how we see ourselves, how others and we both see ourselves and how only God sees us.

Our issues are to surrender the real Self to God without pretense or excuse. This can be fearful. We usually do whatever it takes to hide from what we really are. This is a significant problem that keeps us from growing spiritually and being used by God for his specific purpose.  He cannot reach out through us to someone that is hurting if we do not have mercy in our hearts planted there by him.

Our personality traits are a great problem when it comes to God’s blessing to ourselves or others. Buried deep within what make us us is a nature that can only be overcome by God’s Holy Spirit. There must be a cleansing of Self beyond what it is to become a Christian. Our inner life is not immediately or completely transformed at the point when we accept Christ as our Savior.  We do become a member of God’s family and the blood of Jesus does cover our sins from his payment for us on the cross.  However, there is a constant growing called Sanctification that must permeate the who and what we are.  After we become Christians, we have a long road ahead to be sanctified by the Holt Spirit in which each pretense we offer the world and hidden favorite sin that we hide must be addressed. 

We cannot heal ourselves from the phoniness that we are from our inner selves and our outer selves.  Through faith we accept Christ, but through submission we grow in Christ.  Our natural and carnal Self must undergo a transition from what we are to what God wants us to be.  That means a willingness to put our all on the altar before God, even that part of ourselves that we do not know about, but that God will eventually reveal.  It is so sad that many people are only willing to be Christians with the promise of eternal life and, yet not experience a spiritual development that could take any of us to a higher plane. 

A playground bully can be a child or an adult on the workforce. In either case, the bully must be willing to allow God to expose the insecurities and hurts lurking beneath the personality surface. This is not a self-actualization.  It is a God transformation!  This is not something new we are able to do ourselves but is something we must be willing to allow God to do to us. This will likely be a difficult experience when God gets ahold of our inner life and makes his difference.

What we are to the outside world and what we think we are is not what God wants for us.  The great believers of the Bible had a meeting at their own burning bush. They came face-to-face with their real selves. They stood before God spiritually naked waiting for his divine clothing that prepared them for a new high-powered lifestyle.  The question for us remains whether anyone is willing to surrender to Jesus wholeheartedly. Who among us will let Jesus mold us into new creatures for his use and his glory?  Too many of us miss the spiritual greatness God would have for us.

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