It Is an Abomination

The word abomination appears quite often in the Scriptures. It is a word with which we are unfamiliar, but we are wise to learn its meaning. In the book of Ezekiel, it appears 164 times. It also appears as abomination, abominations, abominable, and abominable in other parts of the Bible. Words with which we are more familiar that would help us understand it are detestable, loathsome, impure, contaminated, and offensive. Most often it describes God’s response and attitude toward man’s behavior.

It describes how God thinks about empty religion that has no meaning: Leviticus 7: 18

It describes what God does not want mankind to eat: Leviticus 11: 42

It describes God’s instructions not to have anything to do with and a warning not to cause children to be passed through fire, or divination, or observer of times, or the enchanter, or a witch, a charmer, consulter of familiar spirits, a wizard, or necromancer: Deuteronomy 18: 9-14

It described in Proverbs God’s objection to lying, wickedness, pride, false weights, a scorner, eating swine flash, etc.

It describes in several places in Scripture God’s warning against the man who has illicit relations with his neighbor’s wife, a broken covenant with God

In the New Testament it describes idolatries, the condition of a man’s heart being highly esteemed among others but is an abomination in his sight: Luke 16: 15

In Daniel is a prophecy to which Jesus referred originally about Antiochus Epiphanies and later fulfilled by the antichrist: Daniel 11 and 12, Matthew 24: 15, Mark 13: 14

These are just a few examples for the use of this word. Not only is it good for us to understand its usage, but it is also more important for us to understand the warning it contains. It is far better for all of us that when we read this word, we pay closer attention; we apply its intention to our lives.

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