We love God

Not every religion teaches a love relationship with God. In fact, some say that it is a terrible thing to think in such divine intimate terms. They hold their god in respect but reject the idea of being close to him.

The person that has become a Christian through salvation by the blood of Christ responded to his love that was so extreme he gave his life. Our God is not only the creator of all nature, but he is also the creator of eternal salvation.

We are invited to be part of his own personal family. We are invited into his throne room to share our needs and concerns. We have the opportunity to offer praise for who he is, for what he does.

The book of 1 John expresses so much of this relationship that we have with God. Some of the observations mentioned are: God dwells within us, he gave us his Spirit, and fear has no place in the life of the believer. A key verse is in 4: 19 that says, “we love him, because he first loved us.”

The next time you find yourself discouraged or lonely or needy, read this book and let these words permeate your mind. God is very aware of you. Jesus said he would never forsake us. Turn from the sadness of this world by concentrating on his love for us. Let your love for him swell up within your soul.

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