Why Have My Prayers Not Been Answered?

A baseball illustration might help answer this question. If the batter hits a ball to center field and catching it depends on you so your team wins the game, you must be in the position to catch the ball. You must be immediately under the ball reaching for it, not somewhere else in the outfield not paying attention.

Likewise, you must be in the position spiritually and mentally to receive God’s answer to prayer. That means unconfessed sin will get in your way. That means if you ask God for something that is selfish, you are not in the right position with God.

No matter how hard you pray, the potential for receiving a positive answer is unlikely. Begging God for something when we have a missed connection with him is futile. Anytime we have a divine blessing, is out of God’s grace not because he is answering one of his obedient children.

There is also a probability that God has no intention of answering your prayer because you need to learn a lesson that will in the long run be beneficial to you. If God does not immediately answer your prayer, he is neither saying yes or no; just not now.

Ask yourself the question if you honor him in your prayer or do you quickly jump to a string of requests. In what we call the Lord’s prayer, Jesus said first, “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.” Spend time worshiping him before you lay a need at his feet.

Some people spout out requests that may seem like demands to God. He is not our Butler to go and come at our request with various answers. Any child that asks his father for a request knows full well that the answer depends on the parent’s decision, not because of temper tantrums.

It could be that your prayer requests are not linked to faith that is a hope for things not seen. Do you offer your request as a means for God to gain glory? Expectation is the lifeblood of reception. Do you ask for something expecting God to answer it?

Prayer is not a recital of empty words. What you say must have meaning to you if it is expected to have some meaning to God. Saying something over and over in the same way only spends your time that is merely a ritual. Earnest prayers gain God’s earnest attention.

Remember that the devil stands in opposition to your spiritual life. That includes the messages that you are sending to God. Sometimes Satan distracts you or causes your mind to wander, but as soon as you discover that, refocus on to the topic you are sharing with God.

If you are totally unable to form the words that you need to take to God for a serious issue, be still and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to the Heavenly Father in your behalf. Listen. You do not always have to fill the air with words. Be still and know that he is God.

A simple sentence that has clarity with a purpose is far more effective than many righteous sounding phrases. After worshiping him in the beginning, say what is on your heart and project your faith to the end result for God’s answer.

When you find yourself in a place of spiritual difficulties, do not wander about the vocabulary. Ask a confidant to pray with you and for you. Remember that the man who was let down through the ceiling before Jesus was healed because of the faith of the friends, not the man.

Your prayers may not be answered because subconsciously you really do not care if they are answered. You may offer spiritual sounding words, but how concerned would you be if what you are asking is never answered? With such an attitude you may alienate yourself from God.

See yourself as a member of the royal family talking to the king in the throne room. Whisper in God’s ear what you would like him to know. See yourself sitting on his lap being comforted with the belief that the King of Kings has heard you.

When praying for others, keep in mind that God knows best. Under all cases, under all circumstances, seek his will. Submit your need or request for another realizing that you could be the vehicle that can make a difference for someone else if you’re willing to stand in the gap.

In the fifteenth chapter of John, Jesus said that if we abide in him and he abides in us, we can ask what we will, and it shall be done. That is not referring to a grocery list. The prerequisite is that we seek our will to be submissive to him so that when we pray, we are saying his intention.

Fill your heart with the word of God. What he says are like seeds planted in our thoughts. What we read that is written from him will show us how to improve our prayer life. You may not be reading a passage in the Bible about prayer, but the mere reading is a planting of God’s thoughts.

Perhaps you should not be praying for something to be resolved. It could be that you need to pray for God’s strength to endure what exists. When you do, the exercise of your faith will make you stronger and ready to face the next overwhelming problem.

When you prayed for something in the past and received an answer, make sure that you give God the glory both in prayer and as a witness to others. This will be an expression of appreciation by you and an example to other people for them to know God does answer prayer.

When you pray about difficulties or persecution from other people, congratulate yourself because the world hated our Lord. Hard times from the world is a natural satanic reaction to all that is good and holy including the life that you live for God before others. Finally, when you receive an answer to your prayer know that it is a message from God and not just his placating you. Your answer from him is a special gift that he wants you to personally have. His answer is an expression of his love whatever the answer may be

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