Predictions made in 1971 for the 21st-century

Below are the predictions made in 1971 by a study group at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago predicting what life would be like in the 21st-century.  Some of these ideas might bring concern to you such as their suggestion that organized Christianity will die out. Today this is partially true because many people have given up on formal worship in church buildings. The issue of marriage and childbearing according to their predictions would have no accountability to God. Today many couples live together without the sanction of marriage ignoring what would have been the blessing of God on their promises to each other and to him. The 1971 prediction about gender equality and roles being blurred certainly have come true today leaving us floundering for what is the definition of a woman or man. Today drugs are still a problem killing many people needlessly. Today there are many (“underground”) people who believe that government should be accountable to them instead of the other way around. Read this list below with tongue-in-cheek and a little humor and a little shock.

Below are the predictions made in 1971 about the time that we live today for what life would be like. Here are the ideas that they develop back then:

People will only work for fun and wealth will be guaranteed

Pollution will no longer exist in the world

Organized Christianity will die out

Marriage will be based on contract or common law relationship with less emphasis on childbearing

Clothes will be sprayed on, then recycled into other outfits when you feel like a change of style

Super strong plastic houses will be built by the owner’s order on a computer. At the flick of a switch, floors will wrinkle and rise up to form furniture.

It will be true equality between the sexes. Male and female roles will be blurted-everybody, including grandparents, will look about age 25.

People will educate themselves in a new society by watching TV at home while schools will only exist as places for people to gather and discuss ideas.

There will be control of weather, appetite, sex of children, and moods with less emphasis on owning things. Leasing will be done by an international agreement when too many consumer goods is a taboo.

Should a family want to go on vacation, a phone call will cause a prefabricated house to come into existence and then disappear after they leave.

Cities will be recreation centers and not places to live while downtown areas will be barred from traffic.

Computers will cook meals and do other household chores leaving plenty of time for leisure.

Homes will be equipped with miniature nuclear power cells provide light and heat.

A device will save programs for later viewing.

The main problems of the future society will be privacy and insanity. Men will feel like they are packed together yet isolated from each other.

There will be an underground of people who will not register with the government.

Drugs will still offer the possibility of dropping out entirely.

What is interesting to this writer is that the predictions offer no encouragement for humanity, just a means to exist in frivolous lifestyles. Then and now there is no accountability. Then and now there is no respect for the Bible. Certainly, these predictions should warrant our attention. To me a question begs an answer-where is a purpose for living? No matter how we wrap ourselves in fancy technologies or try to see into the future, we are still hopeless and undone without God or his Son.

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