No nation or race of people has ever been persecuted as much as the Jews. They have been accused of money laundering, hoarding great funds, stealing works of art, and generating undue influence in the business world. Even if this were true, there would be no difference between them and how Gentiles seek to run their portion of the business world.

The Jewish religion is confusing to most non-Jews. Originally, they practiced animal sacrifice. But in 70 A.D. when the Roman General Titus destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple, the Jews were scattered throughout the known world and the practice of their religion had to change. Some of them were taken to Rome as slaves for the purpose of helping to build the Coliseum. (As a footnote to this article, this event was a fulfillment of prophecy in several books of the Old Testament and what Jesus predicted.)

Notable rabbis developed commentaries about their religion some of which are called the Talmud. Therefore, the Jewish religion did change drastically from what God originally established. There was a certain evolution within the teachings of Judaism. It is important, however, that we know none of these teachings have anything to do with Gentiles or offer any reason to persecute Jews. It was only their beliefs.

It is confusing to this writer why anyone would have a prejudice against Jews. I think one of the main reasons for persecution is to be influential while rising to power, they need an enemy for society to focus on. This is exactly what Hitler did what he gained power. Then in his radical insanity his prejudice went too far so that millions of people were killed. This is not only horrific but is also nonsensical.

There is no more reason to hate Jews than there is to hate Eskimos. There is no more reason to blame them for the ills of society that it is to identify Alaskan wolves for the cause of the Great Depression. It is fictitious. It is inspired by Satan. Any form of hatred is wrong! To select the culture that is different can only be done by radical militant idiots. In the same way, prejudice against Blacks is wrong. Conversely, Black prejudice against White people is wrong.

This kind of evil is only exercised by those who wish to have power over others. It is used to develop a following of like-minded and weak-minded people.

There are those who choose to live an inferior way of life in society and become a blight on the population. Out of that, has developed an attitude of entitlement and conflict. Cultural jealousy within a group can form an attitude pertaining to the haves and the have-nots. Some would say they are trapped, but I ask if they really tried.

There are examples of people from all cultures and races of a minority that have succeeded in reaching a high status in society. That comes from dedication and hard work. Unfortunately, there are subcultures who are not willing to apply themselves to the hard work. They slide back into a way of life that makes them dependent on government. They have become a people that are manipulated by politicians.

Anti-Semitism, prejudice against Blacks, prejudice against Whites, prejudice against the successful, and prejudice against the rule of law all go together as a form of rebellion. It grows out of jealousy. It creates an ambition, not to succeed and help oneself toward betterment, but to use others as an excuse for improper social relationships. There is a solution!

If everyone would abide by the Bible, this turmoil would not exist. Jesus talked about loving one’s neighbor. More challenging, Jesus said that we should also love our enemies. Scripture gives us insight that we should be kind to each other. The golden rule says to do onto others as we would want them to do to us. Christians are instructed to care about and for others. Real Christians have no room for prejudice.

Understand that society is wallowing in the swells of evil influence, cultural inferiority, jealousy, and hatred for all that is contrary to God; how he would have us perform in this life. It is odd that the Bible itself is persecuted. With this new ideology of political correctness and liberalism, Christians are now being singled out. In the same way there’s no reason to persecute Jews just because they are different, there is no reason to persecute Christians. We adhere to the Bible for such things as loving others, being kind to them. Sadly, people even use the Bible as a shield to hide behind as they spew their particular style of hateful attacks.

It all boils down to respect and honor toward all men as creatures of God. That means to persecute others is indirectly a persecution of God. Certainly, these cultural heaters, people who are jealous, and those lacking motivation will someday be required to answer to God. I choose not to be prejudice because I select not to have that as one of the things I will need to answer to Him on Judgment Day.

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