Words Left Unsaid on 9-1-1

Four airplanes were used in the attack on the twin towers, the Pentagon, and the failed attempt that crashed in Pennsylvania. Of the latter, passengers and crew overcame the terrorists. As it prepared to crash, a man said on his cell phone to his wife, “Roll on!”

That day marked incredible tragedy and superhuman heroism. That was the day that nearly 3000 people went to work expecting to return home at evening. Thanks to the demon filled Islamic terrorists, they went to eternity instead of their earthly home.

Of a certainty, there were thoughts not exchanged with spouses, children, friends, other relatives, and coworkers. If they would have known their lives could soon be snuffed out, they might have said things differently to each other. But they thought it was just a regular day. Some of them may have left behind a vacuum of comments. Surely, the opportunity to share endearing words to them as they left to go off to work were left unsaid. Every day we are all similar by taking for granted our relationships. If they had done things over as they parted company, maybe they would like to have said things such as:

I love you

                Forgive me

                                                Thank you

                                                                                You are right

                                                                                                                Let’s make plans

                                                                                                                                                                Happy birthday

To the twisted, hate filled, immoral, evil, blind, satanic terrorists—-, “You are under arrest.”

None of the victims intended to fall off the face of the earth by way of an airplane. ALL of the victims had good intent toward their responsibilities. They were noble Americans that did not get to finish what they wanted to achieve in their lives as a blessing to others.

There is a lesson in this. We never know when will be the last minute that we will see someone dear to us. Every hour, every day by illness or accident people’s souls are required from our bodies. We must treasure those about us without taking for granted the time we have left with them. We must never neglect our parting words to be kind, loving, understanding, and consolatory. It is a double injury to lose someone and not be able to finish a conversation to honor them.

Treasure them. Treasure the time we have with them. Treasure every opportunity to encourage them. Treasure that last moment when we can leave a positive footprint in their lives.

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