The Unbelievable about the Unforgettable

No matter what names we call the Islamic terrorist on 9-1-1, no matter how we try to delve into their motives, what they did is still unbelievable. We are aghast for how a handful of men under the supervision of their own Frankenstein monster on a foreign country could follow through with the murder of over three thousand people. What they did is unforgettable as well as unforgivable. Jesus said for us to love our enemies. He did not expect us to be fools, gullible to future assaults on what we are as a people!

Some have said that it was revenge for the capitalistic lifestyle of Americans that they found more than unacceptable. Other people suggest it was a desire for America to become an Islamic state, ignoring the Constitution and the freedoms we now enjoy. We can go on and on with guesses and rationalizations. The result was that thousands of people were thrown into the pits of grief at the loss of their loved ones. Even though it is difficult to accept the death of a loved one through illness, there is no comparison to dealing with the death of a murdered loved one by a gang of fiends.

We must come to the place in which we are no longer naïve about our place on the world stage. America has long been the leader in every field of influence for other countries. After 9-1-1, just like the loved ones who must deal with their grief, our country must recognize that if we are to maintain a place of leadership, it means that we take a harder stance against countries that are guilty of human violations, of the disregard for the position of women in public, and of those foreign and domestic who would manipulate the well-being of our lives.

We must not be naïve about those within our country whether political leaders or demonstrators who would tear down the fabric of what made America great. Unfortunately, we have people in Washington DC who have their own agendas. They are breaking the laws guaranteed to us by the Constitution. They are neglecting to enforce laws already in place to protect the innocent. They are coordinating efforts to assure their plans come to fruition no matter the effect it has on our infrastructure. In this country are groups of people who, like terrorists, harbor evil intentions and hide evil behavior.

There was a day in which demonstrations happened to correct wrongs. Martin Luther King, Jr. led a great campaign against prejudice. America became better for it. But now we have groups who seek to enforce upon us Nazi type regimes born out of the hearts of un-Americans. At the heart of their goals is jealousy and corruption. Such people are not seeking to make America better. They are seeking to twist America into becoming what they want regardless of how it affects other people.

It appears the backbone of America has been broken! What would once infuriate us now is something we simply discuss as an incidental matter on the news. Our ability to know the difference between right and wrong has been so perverted that wrong has become right and right has become wrong.

The terrorists were poster boys of the underlining attacks on who we have been. Even though they are dead, they still echo as ghosts belittling our principles and laws. In the same way they were maniacal on the airplanes, so are various people in the place of influence and leadership maniacal in the nonsense they would pervert on to our culture.

Great men since the signers of the Declaration of Independence all the way through history to the fabulous Mr. Walt Disney would be disgusted if they were alive for what is happening across our land. We sing of being the land of the free and home of the brave. Because of this wave of terrorism, incompetent political leadership, blind and arbitrary enforcements of laws, our beloved country is doomed unless the average citizen becomes militant in response through voting and rebuffing of evil people.

We cannot afford to tolerate anything contrary to the Constitution as it was originally written, anything that is contrary to moral law, and outside old-fashioned common sense. These crazy people from terrorists to politicians cannot be allowed any further wiggle room. They should be mocked. The belittlement of who they are should be exposed. Their intent and motives must be exposed to everyone.

We have taken significant steps to detect, prosecute, and defeat terrorists. Likewise, we must insist that the workings of our laws in Congress be so enforced that they be treated like terrorists. In fact, they are terrorists because their long-range goal is to change our government, our culture, and how we relate to each other. We must become angry and use that anger in a positive way. No longer can terrorists be allowed to bring harm to our people whether they are demon possessed killers or evil politicians.

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