Learn from a little child

A child comes running to mommy or daddy for specific reasons. He or she may be frightened, may have gotten a skinned knee, a toy is broken, does not feel well, or simply wants to be held. Only mommy or daddy is acceptable and can meet that need. The desire to come to a parent is a natural reaction because what happened between them. The child relies wholly and completely for shelter, food, protection, clothing, and guidance from the parent. Having been born from that mommy is an irreplaceable happening and can never be severed no matter what.

Let us learn from that little child what Jesus once said, “let a little child come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” In other words, that child (us) must come without reservation knowing that only Jesus can satisfy our spiritual needs.

Jesus told a man that he must be born again. The man pointed out the impossibility of a physical birth happening a second time. But Jesus replied that we are born of water, the physical birth from mother. However, he said, we must have another birth of our spirit that can only happen through him and causes us to become a new creation. In that sense of the word, we all have something that is not right with us, with our lives, and we need God to make us right.

Jesus further explained in that same chapter of John 3, that we must recognize and admit that there hangs over us a condemnation because we have inherited the sinful nature of Adam. That nature is responsible for us to commit the big and little, tiny sins that has alienated us from what God intended for us to receive his personal blessing as his children. Jesus said that if we don’t admit this broken relationship with God because of sin, someday without the intervention of Jesus he will be forced to levy on us the consequences.

If we learn from a little child, we will have that born-again experience. We will face eternity as God’s own child. We will enjoy all the benefits of living in his kingdom forever. However, the choice is ours. Do we exercise the wisdom to understand we have the need to have our spirit be born again or do we go through life living by our own merits hoping that God will accept our goodness instead of receiving his goodness?

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