Anything but Jesus

How curious it is that so many people are willing to be involved in cults, Orientals persuasions, and even declare themselves agnostic or atheistic. They are willing to perform odd or dangerous acts to appease an unknown god. They read books that are created for self-glory or self-improvement. They follow the leadership of a person that, no matter how detailed their teachings are, death still claims them. In the end, the best they have been able to do is lead a moral life.

So many people go to great lengths to deny the teachings of the Bible. They attack the doctrines contained therein. They question the historical reports of biblical individuals saying they never existed, or their lives were greatly exaggerated. Some people try to pit one Bible verse against another to verify their false standing. The Bible is the only book in history that has been so persecuted and vilified. Liberal scholars declare the writers of books did not compose the Scriptures attributed to them nor were the compositions done at the same time Conservatives believe.

Modern thinking of our culture says everyone is basically a good person and there is no such thing as heaven or hell. In essence, everyone is on their own when death claims them. Not too long ago there was a movement saying God was dead. Modernist raise questions without having answers. If they offer an answer, it is nonsensical and is of no use to help spiritual needs. The greater thrust that has invaded most churches today is for social good and entertainment. One famous preacher of a large church has been quoted as saying that we should get them into the church by whatever means and then get them saved.

The church that Jesus founded grew by the witness and conviction of those that had a personal relationship with him. They lived such a life that others were attracted and wanted to have what they had. Worship services were events of worship. They were the teachings of doctrine. They were opportunities to celebrate the new relationship a person had with Christ gained during the week by church member. Now we are forced to teach classes on how to witness. If we are to witness for Jesus and salvation through his name, it must be to the Holy Spirit working in our lives. In the early days of the church no one needed to be taught how to witness because they themselves were a witness.

I know that all I am saying sounds negative and depressing. The purpose of this article is to verify how most of the world will do their best to avoid Jesus and what he accomplished by dying on the cross. He did not shed his blood is an example. He did not teach how to improve society. In fact, the opposite is true. Jesus said that the world prefers darkness rather than light. He told us through scripture the way of salvation.

Yes, this may seem negative, but it’s only intended to point out to what extremes that many people are willing to manufacture. Too much of the world they are saying anything but Jesus. They say they can take care of themselves when it comes to this life and the next life, assuming they even believe in a next life. If you, dear reader, have found yourself doing anything to avoid Jesus, you’re doing yourself a great injustice. You are losing the opportunity to have a personal relationship with the creator of the universe.

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