Prophecy About the Land of Israel

We already know that Israel is in the center of Middle East hostility. We also already know that Judaism and Islam are natural enemies. They believe Israel had no right to the land they occupied as a result of the United nation decree in the 1940s. Some of their leaders have declared that Israel should be pushed into the Mediterranean Sea. In short, for centuries this hostility has existed. Various political dignitaries have attempted to pacify these claims. Nonetheless the state of Cold War continues. I outline these situations to recognize the circumstances under which the nation of Israel has lived for over eighty years.

However, the book of Daniel contains prophecies that the situation will be much worse after the return of Christ in the sky and the rapture of the saints to him. There shall be a convergence of war between the nations that are north of Israel versus the nations that are south of Israel. The war will be so intense that the land of Israel will become a battleground.

Comparing also the book of Ezekiel and Revelation with Daniel, we discover the Valley of Megiddo. It has also been called the Jezreel Valley. In ancient times the city of Megiddo guarded the highway between Egypt and Asia. Alexander the Great and Napoleon both marched their armies through this area. In 1967 Egypt, Syria, and Jordan waged battle against Israel only to lose in six days with them receiving a tremendous number of casualties.

According to Scripture, this is the location where the Battle of Armageddon will be fought between evil forces and the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s judgment will be on all the godless nations in the last days. Jesus will be victorious, as he always is.

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