Prayer List

Praying at least once a day leads to a healthy spirit. Praying on behalf of other people redirects away from our own concerns. Asking God to intercede in the affairs of mankind is a way to give him glory. He hears our prayers no matter how we structure them. Jesus gave us an example of our prayer list when he taught his disciples what we call the Lord’s prayer.

The first element is to honor and give God the glory. It is our privilege to recognize the wonder some of God. That is to recognize his rule in heaven and ask him to have the same on earth.

Some people are hesitant to ask God to meet their needs either because they say it’s unnecessary since he knows what they are, and they do not want to appear greedy. Jesus instructed us to ask God to meet our needs.

He expects us to have the right spiritual attitude toward other people so that we are eligible to receive God’s forgiveness because we give it to other people.

It is a good idea to keep a book that lists the people in your circle of relatives in France and the needs that they have. Pray consistently and persistently for them. God is on our side for the concerns that we have for these people. He wants us to align our thoughts and will toward his.

When a prayer is answered mark that down in your book. Your prayer changes from the request to a praise. By having this list it keeps us focused away from our minds wondering to unnecessary thoughts.

Our greatest privilege is to give honor, praise, and recognize God’s glory. Our prayers are not the typical grocery list of requests. Our prayers are written factors which uplifts our appreciation of God.

When you put someone on your prayer list, it might be a good idea to send them a postcard saying that you are praying for them. This type of encouragement strengthens our enthusiasm and their understanding for the reality of God meeting their needs.

Remember to tell God and other people how eager you are to see the return of Christ when he will set all wrongs right. Focus on how glorious that day will be. Even though we have written request to bring before God, hone in on the positive aspects of answered prayers.

You and I are partners with God in meeting the needs of the world. We are representatives of him. We are spiritual pilgrims tracking through this world on a way to our home in heaven. And as we hike this life’s journey, we look about to see the needs of so many people taking note of them before God.

In all cases we give thanks to God that he will hear our prayers, that he will answer our prayers, that he cares about our prayers.

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