The Bible Approves Anger

There are people among us who are involved in family violence, bar fights, church arguments, school bullying, grotesque crimes all with the excuse that they were angry. In their perspective, they cannot control anger once it starts.

God gave us a full set of emotions including anger. If we do not deal with anger, it will likely turn to depression. It can be a motivating force that helps us accomplish goals. It puts us in a place of becoming heroes. Anger is a natural thing. It is part of who we are.

However, God says, ā€œbe angry and sin not.ā€ (Ephesians 4:26) Anger must be addressed in all circumstances. It could even lead to reconciliation if we allow it. The caveat is that God expects us to process our anger in a positive way. He is not saying we cannot be angry. He is saying to resolve the anger in such a way that he would approve.

We have three options. Allow anger to grip us so that negative things result. Allow anger to motivate us to reach a goal. Allow anger to help us resolve differences in a positive way.

The excuse that says I could not help myself is phony. We are in charge of our emotions. We are all responsible for our emotions. We will answer to God for the demonstration of our emotions.

We must not harbor anger within ourselves so that it festers and turns us into someone that we do not want to be. To let anger control us is to put it in place of God. The Holy Spirit is supposed to control us. God is our master. We are his servants.

In the beginning of Jesus ministry and at the end of his ministry he became angry with those that were moneychangers in the temple. The positive outcome of his anger was to proclaim that the temple was supposed to be a place of prayer. Those who witnessed his anger were impressed with his authority.

Keep in mind that God says he understands we can be angry, but he does not permit anger to result in sin.

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