Do Christmas Anyway!

Keep in mind that anything that does not honor God is because of Satan. He is the one that is behind all of the anti-Christmas efforts. He is the one that does not want us to say Merry Christmas. It is time that we throw off the politically correct shackles. For those religions that are anti-Christmas, we still have a right to honor Jesus.

Put up one string of lights on the bushes out front. Continue to say, “Merry Christmas!” This means there are ways that you can decorate the inside of your house that honors Jesus. Even if you must have a tiny tree in your bedroom, do it.

Be careful not to appear mean-spirited. Show the gentle peace of Jesus before those that do not honor him. Return the vicious comments with a smile. Do not lecture, but witness. In all things be a testimony before anyone that does not honor Jesus.

If you are saddened, this season because of the loss of a loved one, the best way you could challenge that emotion is by demonstrating Christmas. If you are saddened, because of financial restraints, enjoy the gift of giving by making something or cooking something for others. This is the season in which we honor Jesus; not boost our own emotional state.

Mainly do not allow the joy of Christmas to be stolen from you.

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