The three complexities of man,

As we relate to God and our environment, it is from a specific temperament that we exercise our living. In fact, we may originate our attitude and behavior from one of these features. As such, it may advance or hinder the success we have to live under the circumstances or above the circumstances.

The first feature to discuss is the natural man. The characteristic of such a disposition is that which relates to a person’s appetites and passions. This is the environment that seeks to draw back to a time when the person was an unsaved, unregenerate man. To have the complexity of a natural man only is very limiting. It is that lifestyle that is animal-like focusing only on the pleasures of this world.

The second feature relates directly back to Adam. This is the fallen Adam. It is this carnal disposition that is at enmity against God. This is a part of a person that is dead as God said would happen in the Garden of Eden by disobeying him. Therefore, to be in disobedience to God is to be carnal minded and have a disposition that is only concerned about the fleshly things of this world.

The third feature is the spirit quality of mankind. This is what is described in the Scripture as what must be born again. It is the eternal part of a person. It is the basis upon which we relate to God. When we worship God, it is through spirit and truth. When speaking of the spirit, it is a reference to the true person that must be cleansed for the sake of eternity. This is the divinely influenced environment of a person that is capable of meekness and humility.

In essence, the three complexities of an individual are at war with each other. The higher element must conquer the others to please God. There is no way to avoid having all three features, but the spirit makeup must be in charge of the direction for how to live a holy life on this earth. It is befitting that we are aware of these features within ourselves so that we can grow closer to God and be influenced by his Holy Spirit.

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