Why did Jesus need to be baptized

It is the contention of the Bible that Jesus was perfect. Matthew 3 first talks about John the Baptist who declared the necessity of baptism for the remission of sin. Since this was the case, why would Jesus need to be baptized? For what purpose did this accomplish?

  1. In verse fifteen Jesus replied to John who was hesitant to baptize him, “suffer it to be so now; for thus it becometh us to fulfill all righteousness.” In other words, Jesus was saying that this was the necessary act to verify the complete cycle of redemption. Since Jesus would be leading the way into salvation, the spiritual leader (Jesus) would himself need to walk the complete path toward the heavenly father.
  2. Even though John’s baptism was unto repentance, Jesus had nothing for him to repent. The baptism of Jesus with his ordination into the ministry. It was the recognition that Jesus gained the approval of the Heavenly Father. In the same way that Aaron was anointed with oil to signify his position as God’s standard among the people, this was the assumption of Jesus to begin his priestly duties for the ultimate sacrifice of his own body.
  3. As an act of obedience, the baptism of Jesus was a means by which he could identify with the people who needed also to be obedient to God. He could not keep himself aloft from the people he came to save. Therefore, he was able to identify himself with all peoples.
  4. He was prophetically looking forward to his own death and resurrection for all people who would need to apply his acts to their own lives separately. This is why the voice of the Father spoke approving of Jesus and encouraging all to listen to him. This meant that nothing was left undone by Jesus.

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