The Time Has Come

  • Disciples returned to their occupation
  • John stood for what is right-suffered result
  • Galilee was sunny, beautiful place with ugly moral standards and corruption
  • Official beginning of preaching by Jesus

Mark 1:  14 – 15

  • (Matthew 4: 12 – 17; Luke 4: 14; John 4: 43)

The Call:  Mark 1: 14 – 20

  • Do we realize how near the Kingdom is?
  • Both – repent and believe
  • “Come…I will make you” – profit of obedience
  • Can be no hesitation in following Christ

To follow is to leave

The Command:  Mark 1:  21 – 28

  • Evil was present among the worshippers
  • Admission for the ultimate judgment of evil
  • Be quiet: evil would debate us
  • Come out:  John 14: 12 all things are possible
  • What attracts people most is authority of God in our midst

The Cure:  Mark 1: 29 – 31

  • Leaving the (synagogue)church is not an end of our spiritual functions, duties
  • Enrich our lives through fellowship
  • Jesus will help us up – physically, figuratively
  • Expectation to wait on others after being touched by Jesus

The Possessed:  Mark 1: 32 – 34

  • Jesus is the biggest attraction in town
  • The World is still in darkness – Isaiah 42:  7
  • Many people are at our door in need of Jesus – Isaiah 42: 3  tender, just, caring
The Prayer:   Mark 1: 35 – 39
Jesus set the example for us: need to pray and make the sacrifice that we do prayBest to pray in a solitary place without interruptions to focus on GodWhy did Jesus go elsewhere when people were looking for Him?To preach there also; why I have comeMore victories to win, demons to dispel

The Pledge:  Mark 1: 40 – 45

  • Some desperate needs require desperate attitude (begged on his knees)
  • Jesus is unafraid to touch us in our most vile condition so that we might be made whole
  • Why did Jesus not want the man to tell others?
    • Be obedient with behavior
    • Be consistent with scripture
    • Be lonely outside of town

The Time Has Come

  • Answer, follow, obey the One we claim
  • Recognize the world is in terrible trouble • Be very, very serious about what it means …..

To be a Christian

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