A Strong Man Who Became Weak

A close study of the Scriptures (in the book of Judges) that reports the life of Samson is not only interesting but appropriate for us today. Even before he was born God intended him to do great things. From his birth he was raised in the direction God gave his parents to be a Nazirite. Among other restrictions he was not to cut his hair. At that time in the history of the Hebrews there was no king and they were under the dominance of the Palestines. God had a call on him to be a judge of the people which meant he was to have moral leadership over them, be an example, and be the commander-in-chief for the overthrow against the Palestines.

Samson was the judge for twenty years. Then he allowed a woman to create dominance over him. This happened after he had two failed relationships with women. He wanted female companionship and even enlisted his father to assist him at first.

The story of Samson can be viewed in two ways. He was a strong man who was feared by the enemies of his people. Yet he also was a strong man who allowed his personal relationship to detour him away from what God intended for his life. He could have had so much going for him. He could have gone down in history an entirely different way. Somehow, he lost his internal moral fortitude to walk the path where God wanted him. Instead, he allowed himself to have a relationship that was doomed for the career God gave him and for his own life because that woman had personal ideas and goals there were actually contrary to God’s. He thought he had the love of his life. He could have never been so wrong. Delilah never did invest yourself in a healthy relationship with Samson. She was loyal to other ideologies that were quite liberal from Samson’s calling by God. Perhaps his previous two failed relationships made him vulnerable to her. He was a good man that somehow did not have the insight to know what was actually happening in his relationship with Delilah.

She proposed herself to be sympathetic to Samson and his people while all along in her own mind she was degrading God’s plan. Initially Samson believed in God’s leadership and God’s purpose for his life. He was a strong and a resolute man in his work as a judge over the people. His public relationships with others were significant. His personal life more and more became a tragedy. He had no idea that the woman that he thought was beautiful and that loved him was actually the worst enemy to God’s purpose in his life. He would never believe if someone told him that she would lead him to ruin. All he wanted was for a woman to love him. He thought that woman was Delilah. Never did he ask for God’s wisdom and perception for what that relationship really was.

Delilah accepted a financial bribe from the Palestines to find out the secret of Samson’s strength so they could overcome him. This is a mighty lesson in our own personal relationships today! If we have every intention to serve God and the Holy Spirit is guiding our lives, there is a powerful element that we have. We must put God’s calling on our lives above our own personal desires or needs. Samson needed to remain faithful to be the judge over his people but allowed his personal relationship with a woman to minimize God’s calling on him.

This woman was manipulative. In essence she emotionally blackmailed Samson by telling him that he would divulge his secret if he truly loved her. Earlier in their relationship he toyed with her while thinking there was nothing wrong. He responded to her love stipulation by telling her a trick answer. He was so engrossed in the relationship that he did not realize that when he told her supposed secrets, little by little he was surrendering a part of himself to her whims. Also, little by little she inched her way into his mind on the supposition of love. Eventually, he told her that his hair could not be cut and that was the source of his strength. Today, if we allow someone else to compromise our own strength and relationship with God it is wrong and is what leads to a dead end. While he was asleep, she cut his hair. The enemy came upon him, and he did not realize that sharing his secret with a woman that he thought loved him would be the end result that it was. In his first two relationships he had the support of his father and consulted with him. Then suddenly because Samson believed he was in love with the woman of his dreams the wisdom of his father was nowhere present.

This is a powerful message for us today. We must be careful with those whom we allow to enter into our inner circle. If that person holds beliefs or allegiance outside of our initial convictions, that relationship is wrong. In a relationship that we have with people that causes us to cut ties with our family or others that we have known is a bad relationship. In a time when we discover that the other person slowly reveals beliefs which are opposite of that we held before we met that person it is a warning sign. We must be wise because the Bible says that we should not be unequally yoked together. For instance, if a committed Christian who is opposed to abortion and the other person believes in abortion that is a bad relationship. When that person gains dominance over us causing us to set aside the original life journey that we once had it is a bad relationship. There was no turning back once Samson put his love above his common sense. He compromised himself to the point that his position as judge became useless and subjective to his emotions. As we get closer and closer to the time when Jesus will return for us, we must be more than ever cautious about our relationships; especially if those relationships have effect on previous friendships and family ties. Especially, if what we once held causes us to think that the other person is better than self this is a dangerous place to be. If it becomes necessary to walk this life with God’s blessing and calling according to what we have held for years as biblical convictions, that is far better than having our life polluted and neutralized to what we once were and the people that we once had in our lives. When Samson became involved with the woman, there was no mention of his parents or any other relationships. Suddenly all that mattered was the supposedly love that he had with Delilah. This man became so ignorant that it did not matter to him if he surrendered to her the essence of what he was in his relationship with God. God comes first! Relationships that we have had and cherished comes first! New relationships that challenge what we have been must be avoided!

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