What is Your Understanding of God’s Will

We first must recognize that God’s will is perfect and our grasp of it is not. The only reality is that we attempt to learn how to be closer to God and, thereby, know better what he wants. God does have a plan. That plan is universal and futuristic in its scope that takes in every human being in the past, present, and future. His plan also is individualized for each and every one of us. Our difficulty is to be close enough to him so that we can better realize his directives.

We must ask ourselves if our plans are consistent with the Scriptures, with circumstances, and the best alternative. To know God’s will and follow it means that afterwards we would feel comfortable standing before him and explain why we did the essence of the outcome. Anything that is inconsistent with the nature of God is not his will.

It is very easy for us to prejudice our decisions in our own favor declaring this is what God wants for us when in fact it is what we want. God cannot be manipulated so that our declaration of his will could be manipulated. We might have a predetermined direction that we favor, and then call it God’s will.

Should we have a decision to make or purpose to live out, we cannot pollute it by our own desires no matter how good we think it is. Our understanding of God’s will and the exercise we take claiming it is God’s will must be honest and pure. When Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, he said, “Thy will be done.” This was after he wrestled with his own desires to avoid the cross. He had to sort out his concept from God’s conclusion. On our part, we must do the same. We cannot let the Self be substituted for God. We cannot declare ourselves holy and while at the same time be ignoring the spiritually obvious.

Knowing God’s will must take in all circumstances, people, and all potential outcomes. We must be ready to explain to him on Judgment Day why we did a certain thing. We must have the confidence on that day that we honestly were trying to do God’s will and nothing else. Even if we are wrong in that understanding, God will help us to rectify it if we tried our best to obey the leading of the Holy Spirit.

To know God’s will is to first know him. To assert God’s will is to know ourselves also. Living out God’s will is a challenge. We must experience God before we can experience his will. Before it ever comes to the place of implementing God’s will, we must already have had a strong relationship with him.

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