How do You Handle Fear?

Fear is about Self. It seeks a desire to recoil away from the world. The fearful person immediately believes that what is fearful is automatically more powerful. It is in fact, a surrendering of one’s own power. To talk about fear delivers no alternatives. Consider what God told Joshua…. (1:9) [before they were ready to cross the river Jordan and take the land that God promised which would be many battles ahead.]

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

We might be in a fearful situation, but that does not mean we have to surrender to fear. Should we surrender, we have convinced ourselves that there is no alternative. Even in the worst of situations that is frightening, God is still with us. God will help us. God will deliver us.

Our deliverance may not be what we expect. However, the end result is still in our favor as long as we are relying on him. We cannot allow fear to hold us back. If we do, we lose a piece of ourselves. If we act out of fear, we are acting out of our own resources. Therefore, we are not living a life of faith. Like many other things, fear must be surrendered to God. Then seek the answer from him to address that fear with his help.

There are situations in which we may feel helpless. In fact, we very well may be, if we are dealing with our own strength in our own mind. We are never helpless with God. The problem comes when a person engulfs himself in fear so that person can never see any alternatives even from God.

The alternative of fear is bravery, but being brave is not self either. There is a spiritual kind of bravery in which God addresses the problem in our behalf. Think when little David, a shepherd boy, who stood before Goliath. He could have surrendered to fear like all the rest of his people. Instead, he had his eyes on God trusting him regardless of how tall and threatening the giant was.

When you find yourself facing a Goliath, prepare yourself to bring that fear down just as David did when he picked up five stones from the brook. He only used one stone to kill the giant. The reason he picked up five stones is that he prepared himself to kill the brothers of the giant if necessary. Be in a position with God because if you do not, you are aligning yourself with the giant called Fear. Do not surrender yourself no matter what.

You may be dealing with an abusive spouse. You may be dealing with an overbearing supervisor at work. You may be dealing with financial loss and the potential of poverty. You may be dealing with a friend who betrayed you. You may be dealing with a ferocious animal threatening your life.

All of these examples are the kind of things that one would say there is no hope, there is no way out. “I am doomed!” Straddle yourself onto courage. Implement plan B. Have a prayer life before the situation so that your spiritual strength is there for you. No matter how small you see yourself latch onto the vision that God would give you in which you are the giant.

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