Lessons learned from the death of Lisa Marie Presley

Before I begin my comments, I want to make sure everyone knows I am not trying to be unkind. I offer my sympathy toward the entire Presley family, in particular to the grandchildren who are the survivors and owners of Graceland. Their family has been through so much over the many years. In fact, that is the very reason I want to share what I believe are lessons learned from the recent death of Lisa Marie Presley.

We start first with Elvis who was addicted to a variety of drugs and lost his life in that fashion at the young age of forty-two.

Then Lisa Marie married Michael Jackson who also died from the effects of drugs.

Later, her son Benjamin used drugs and ultimately committed suicide.

Lesson number one: apparently nobody in the family realized the danger of drugs and alcohol. That lesson should have begun with Elvis himself, but no one took it seriously so that they saw it as a danger.

Lesson number two: each of them must have assumed that they were invulnerable to the dangers that took their lives. They must have convinced themselves that they could not be harmed no matter what they did. No doubt they realized they were addicted but continued use.

Lesson number three: Hopefully the fourteen-year-old twins will be wiser and guided about the dangers.

Lesson number four: they had almost an unlimited amount of money much of it that was wasted on drugs and alcohol and parties. When God blesses us with money, he expects us to use it wisely.

Lesson number five: there were no apparent efforts on the members of the Presley family to teach the general population the importance of drug danger and alcohol use. (However, the Presley foundation in New Orleans did offer counseling.) This did not happen until Lisa Marie went to recovery for a brief period of time to reach out to the public, but that was too late. I believe it was very possible that her heart condition was a result of her use of drugs.

Lesson number six: with multiple marriages, the sanctity of marriage apparently was not appreciated.

Lesson number seven: this is probably the most important lesson of all! There was something missing within the Presley clan or perhaps I should say Someone was missing. I truly hope that each person who is gone on to eternity made their peace to meet the creator. No matter how much money we have, no matter how famous we are, and no matter what occupies most of our day, Jesus must be the center of it and the salvation that he offers to us. Instead, Scientology was a large part of her life for several years.

I’m going to repeat myself on purpose. This writing has no intention of being mean-spirited. But the Presley family beginning with Elvis needed a concerted relationship with Christ and so do each and every one of us. It is wise for us to learn from other people and especially their mistakes.

Take this for what it is. Observations and suggestions for how to live a healthier, productive, and longer life by knowing Christ and passing that on to the rest of the family.

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