Why it is important to attend church in person

  1. It’s good for us to be the people God created us to be: needing and loving Him and others. The point of Genesis 2:18 (“it’s not good for the man to be alone”) is not that all of us are to get married; it is that none of us is designed to be a “lone ranger” follower of Christ. God made us with a need to have others in our lives—including others with whom we worship. 
  2. It’s good for us to provoke one another to love and good works—just as God commands us (Heb 10:24). I realize we can do that via phone or electronic means, but there’s still something unique about challenging each other face-to-face. Not neglecting gathering with other believers really does matter (Heb 10:25). 
  3. It’s good to be with others who are trying to walk the same path. The spiritual battle is real for all of us, but none of us has to walk this road alone. Even though the church is hardly perfect, they’re still colleagues in this journey—and just seeing them in-person can be uplifting.  
  4. It’s good to sing with God’s people. I love to sing as long as it’s not solo—so praising God with a group of people around me is encouraging and uplifting to me (that is, as long as the song is singable . . .). It’s tough to get that same experience online. 
  5. It’s good to experience the freedom of in-person worship most of us have. I’ve been in places in the world where just a few people gathering was risky. When I gather in the States with hundreds of people, I do so without threat—at least for now. 
  6. It’s good to show non-believers the power of worship. When God’s people truly encounter God in a worship setting, our response to Him is a witness to any non-believers (or even wandering believers) in the congregation. Even our expression of worship ought to point them to God.
  7. It’s good to encourage our pastors by our in-person attendance. I’m grateful the Internet allows us to extend our witness, but I’m most encouraged as a pastor by the faithfulness of God’s people in in-person attendance. Knowing they want to come together to worship, pray, and study the Word picks up my day every time. 
  8. It’s good to model faithful attendance for our children. I assume we want our next generation to be faithful participants in the local church—and to raise our grandchildren likewise. If so, how we model attendance today can matter for generations. 
  9. It is good to be present and faithfully give ten percent of our income in obedience to give with a cheerful heart and not out of obligation to corporately support the Gospel ministry. “Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let give; not grudgingly,or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.” 2 Co 9:7
  10. It is good to be able to teach new believers so they may grow in the Word and be better prepared to witness to others. 2 Tim. 2: 15
  11. It is a good place where believers can hold the sick up for their healing so that physical and emotional healing can be a matter of intersession by believers for the Lord’s response. James 5: 14, 15
  12. It is a good place where believers can receive support from other believers to overcome faults and temptation. James 5: 16
  13. It is a good place where sacriments/ordinances, wedding, and funerals could be conducted to hear the Words of the Lord and be guided and comforted. Hebrews 10: 25
  14. It is a good place from where a positive influence on the community can be exercised.

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