1. Get further away from your Self.
  2. Avoid whatever/whoever can come between you and God.
  3. At the first inkling of temptation, run to God.
  4. Have your plans for your future first submitted to God.
  5. Enduring persecution leads to God.
  6. Conform to God’s plan for your life.
  7. Replace human forms and definitions of love by God’s agape love.
  8. Go apart to pray so that you will be enabled to commune with God.
  9. Avoid listening to the words of the world so you could discover God’s words.
  10. Immediately confess any and all sins to assure your relationship with God.
  11. Make a choice to be led by the Holy Spirit, not friends.
  12. Run from any appearance of sin.
  13. Avoid trying to pull others up because they will pull you down.
  14. A truly wise person seeks to please God.
  15. Any hesitation related to God is wrong.
  16. When God uses you, avoid pride.
  17. Be more concerned to feed your soul more than your body.
  18. Know the difference between judging others and inspecting their fruit.
  19. Contrary to the ways of the world, as Jesus did, put others first.
  20. Live as if God was looking over your shoulder because he is.
  21. Guard your reputation because it is a reflection on God.
  22. Let your confidence come from the working of the Holy Spirit, not your ego.
  23. See temptation as an assault from Satan, a growth opportunity from God.
  24. Make full proof of the personal ministry God has given you.
  25. Stand like a man (at a soldier’s attention) before God to answer for yourself each day.
  26. Let your love for God be a primary motivation in all you do.
  27. Keep any promises made to God.
  28. Always remember your God’s representative
  29. He is familiar with the Bible is possible because one day you may not have it.
  30. Let God speak to you through circumstances, the Holy Spirit, and strong believers.

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