Prayer is not just saying words!

It admits the dissatisfaction of who I am and seeks rather to know who God is.

It is sending out God’s goodwill to others.

It contains an expectation for difference.

It rejoices in God’s process even if I don’t understand it.

It provides reasons to have joy regardless of surroundings.

It is a link to others for their needs carrying them to God.

It brings peace within when there is no peace without.

It is an expectation generated by hope and grounded in trust.

It returns back to the one who is praying with honor and strength.

It is a means for me to accept God’s will regardless of what I prefer.

It is a reason to ignore the evil, sadness, and hurt because they have no power over me,

It offers a basis for life not yet lived.

It is an acceptance of God’s invitation to his throne room.

it is a focus on the person and not on the problem.

It is love when well said in faith.

It is the sacrificial smoke ascending up to God.

It is a new opportunity for God to be glorified.

It is a partnership between God and me on behalf of everyone and everything else.

It is a missionary journey on behalf of God to others.

It is a choice for innovation and not just the statement of facts.

It is a declaration of God’s power over my weakness.

It is an acceptance of God’s purpose for me and everyone else in the world.

It is a submission to God’s will regardless of my understanding.

It is a means to look to the future through God’s eyes.

It is love in action!                               

                                                                    James Bradfield

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