Did Jesus lose his mind?

An interesting passage of Scripture occurs in Mark 3: 21, 31-32.  It can easily be concluded that Jesus was working so hard in his ministry that his friends thought that he was stressed out and lost mental stability. After all, he challenged the highest leadership of his own religion, healed Peter’s mother-in-law, and healed a leper, a paralytic man, and a man whose hand was withered. Mary and the brothers and Jesus came to check on him. However, Jesus was in the house ministering. People were so crowded about him that his family could not get to him.

As a result, they called out and sent a message to him. Jesus was told that his family was outside seeking him. The Lord used this as an example to teach a lesson saying in verse thirty-five, “Whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brothers, and my sister, and mother.”

The lessons to be taught to us is that we can never underestimate the power and authority of Christ. He was attempting to use the time wisely and reach as much people as possible. He had a duty to perform and would not surrender for any excuse to avoid it. Key to his statement was that the person who does the will of God becomes his family. When we are serving God and obeying him, we have a special place in God’s heart.

Also, at that time none of his siblings believed that he was the Son of God. They just thought that their oldest brother had stepped over the line of mental stability. Perhaps they even thought that his popularity had gone to his head. Think how preposterous it is that their brother, a carpenter, suddenly became a miracle worker. Of course, none of their assumptions was true! Jesus knew exactly what he was doing. He knew the reasons for it. He knew what the limitations were.

This tells us that we need to constantly be on guard for how we look at Jesus. We must see him as God, the Creator. We must see him as the only Savior and way to get to heaven. We must avoid projecting on him our own ideas and the way we think things should be. God is always working out his plan. It is presumptuous on our part to consider otherwise. In fact, to accept the preposterous about Jesus is a major step of faith. The sound of footsteps that has been a concern to you may actually be Jesus responding to your prayer.

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