How God Might Cause the Disasters in the Book of Revelation

In September of 1859 a geomagnetic storm occurred that was the most intense in recorded history. It created strong auroral displays seen around the world and even sparked fires in telegraph stations. It is believed that the cause was a gigantic solar storm that ejected from the sun and collided with the Earth’s magnetosphere. There were very bright solar flares seen from one side of the globe to the other. An amateur astrologist named Richard Carrington compiled reports of this event. This discovery was later called the Carrington Event. He concluded that there was a solar terrestrial connection. People in the northern hemisphere could see Auroras as far south as the Caribbean. They were so bright that they woke people from their sleep. The prismatic views were varied in color and gorgeous. It seemed like a large luminous cloud hung over the sky. Some people thought this was a warning for the coming Armageddon.

It is very possible that many of the catastrophes prophesied in the book of Revelation will be caused by the Carrington Event. In 1859 electricity was barely used other than to send telegraphs. In our modern age, a great disaster worldwide could occur by such an event. Airplanes could fall from the sky. Cars could crash into each other. Boats could be sunk or stymied in their journey to land. Even though the sky might appear to be beautiful, it could also be very frightening at the same time. The shipping industry could be altered. Supplies of food, medicine, and equipment would go undelivered. Starvation and disease could spread. Fear and anxiety could become contagious. Merchants would see their businesses falter. There could be a great war among the nations. Governments would be unstable. An antichrist would be welcome to rule the world with the supposition that he would solve all the problems. Doubt and anger would be shouted toward God.

If the Carrington Event occurs again, the situation would be a calamity worldwide. See the following references in the book of Revelation: 6:6; 12-17; 7:7-13; 10:1; 11: 19; 13:13; 16: 1-9; 18: 3, 11 and compare them to the above information. Granted this is a supposition on my part. But I believe it is based on history. I also believe that these verses indicate that they are enabled by what could be another Carrington Event. God does use nature to fulfill his will. Certainly, the results of a massive solar flare that would collide with Earth’s magnetosphere would create a great catastrophe. Matched by history and prophecy, it is certainly wise of us to make sure we are walking with the Lord.

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