Glorifying God

The first and most obvious question is to ask why we need to glorify God since he is all glorious anyway and the Angels glorify him in heaven. The second question is to ask if we are obligated to glorify God? The third question is to ask what are the consequences if we do not glorify God?

Going back to the Old Testament, after Moses built the tabernacle, God’s Shekinah glory came upon the wilderness place of worship. This indicates that God is all glorious. It also suggests that he does not need additional glory that we would give him. Instead, there must be a reason to give him glory that we must observe.

To glorify God is to recognize a revelation of his nature and holiness. When we are glorifying God, we are recognizing his splendor and brilliance. We are confirming God’s fullness in the totalitarian of his perfection. We are also recognizing what Jesus did in conquering death that no one else could do. In addition, we are looking forward to the future glory of Christ when he returns.

To glorify God is to make an alliance with him by confirming the Who he is. We are showing an appreciation for his majestic power. But how do we glorify him? It is through living a holy life. It is to convince others of his saving ability. Part of glorifying God is to yield to him in every way. We would be manifesting a Christ like life influenced by the fruit of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We glorify God through our obedience as written in the Word of God. To not glorify God brings into question our own spiritual condition. In fact, it should be a natural function of the redeemed spirit to want to glorify God. In human terms, it is to brag about God for how wonderful he is as our Heavenly Father.

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