Two World Views

It is easy for us to be caught up in all of the moral and political issues today. There is abortion, anti-police movements, low church attendance, riots, thievery from legitimate business owners, and political upheaval just to name a few. It might be better for us to understand that there are two worldviews. One which proposes and supports Satan’s worldview and the other which proposes and supports God’s worldview. By doing this, we might be less confused of what is happening around us today.

It is best that we recognize that there is a line drawn between these two worldviews. On which side do you stand? What do you support? More importantly, how do your views compare to what God has written in the Bible?

It is highly important for us individually to clean the mud out of our brains and the wayward tendency in our heart. Are we going to support God and his Word? Jesus said that we cannot serve two masters. In the same way we cannot serve or support what is contrary to the Bible. There is nothing in the Bible that supports abortion. In fact, there is nothing in the Bible that supports chaos. We cannot be Christian and support the world’s view.

Jesus was emphatic with his disciples asking repeatedly if they were supportive of him and his ministry. He wanted to know if they had every intent to follow him all the way through to the cross. From that time on there has been a distinction of loyalty either for Christ or the world. If for the world, many tragedies await the followers including death of babies as well as adults. The worldview is disguised as progressive but is one that develops from current social norms. The godly worldview is evident in what leads to a healthy spiritual life.

It is extremely important for those who profess to be Christians to avoid the worldview. A real Christian cannot support abortion, drug use, fractured families, and many sorts of dishonesty. It is very important at this day and time for real Christians to take their stand. In the same way Jesus put the disciples on the spot to declare who they believed him to be, it is highly important today for us to stand strong in favor of a godly life and what the Scripture says.

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