Between the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus

As far as the disciples were concerned, they were highly disappointed that what they thought was a failure in the ministry of Jesus. They assumed that the religious leaders had thwarted all his efforts. Because Jesus was killed, they also were afraid for their lives. The disciples hid in the Upper Room hoping they would be safe there.

It would almost appear that the religious leaders had more faith in the prophecy of Jesus’ resurrection than the disciples. They requested Pilate post guards at the tomb that was once owned by Joseph of Arimathea. He volunteered his personal tomb for the use of Jesus. Nicodemus, a priest, came out of hiding to help Joseph to transfer Jesus’ body into the tomb. The religious leaders got their way and guards were posted. A seal is even attached to the stone that had been rolled in front of the entrance of the tomb.

Pilate assumed that he was done with the matter and went about his business on that Saturday. However, he did not have good standing with Caesar even before Jesus was on the scene. Later he was called to Rome and experienced the consequences.

Before Jesus died, he promised the penitent thief that was hanging on the cross near him that he would be present in paradise with Christ. We need to understand what Jesus meant when he used the word paradise.

Gathering together scriptures throughout the Bible including some of what Jesus said, we discover that there was a place called Paradise or Abraham’s bosom. There was a great gulf fixed between Paradise and the location where unbelievers’ souls resided. Another Scripture with the Greek name Tartarus is the location where fallen Angels were committed in chains until Judgment Day.

The Bible says that Jesus preached to those who lived at the time of Noah. They mocked Noah for building an ark, especially since no body of water was nearby. It took him one hundred years to build the ark. Only Noah and his family entered the ark with the animals. Then it rained and the floods came drowning all those who rejected the opportunity to be saved.

There are several Greek words translated into the word preach. The one used at this time was Jesus making an announcement that he was the eternal ark for salvation that they rejected. There was not a Second chance for these people to cross over into paradise.

Even though it was seemed that the time of Saturday was a void, many people including Jesus had much to do. Some people suggest that Jesus was not in the grave three days before his resurrection. We must take into account how the Jews counted days and times. Their new day began at dusk. Jesus was crucified Friday. Therefore, Jesus was placed in the tomb the afternoon of Friday. That means we count Thursday evening as one night. Then he was in the tomb Friday night and Saturday night. He was in the tomb three days according to Jewish timekeeping. He rose on Sunday morning.

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