Jesus is Alive!

Jesus rose from the dead!

We must be careful when we say Jesus rose from the dead. He did not become a zombie. He did not come back to life by the actions of another person. He was not subject to anyone else’s will. All through that weekend Jesus was in charge of what happened to him and all the circumstances surrounding him. Never was Jesus a victim or manipulated.

When Jesus came back to life, it was like that of an atomic explosion in which his spirit burst into his body. The scars were healed, except the spear wound in his side and the nail wounds in his hands. It was necessary for him to retain these scars to help the disciples recognize their Lord who had conquered death. It was just as much difficult for them to believe Jesus rose as it is for people today to believe that Jesus is alive now.

On the cross Jesus paid the price of our sin for all of us. Through his resurrection Jesus defeated death. When a person places their eternal soul in the hands of Jesus, that person is trusting him that there is an actual way for sin to be forgiven through him. When that person asks Christ to be their Savior, they are trusting him that death is only a temporary experience. What awaits the believer is an eternal joy in heaven.

When the disciples later spread the good news of Jesus, their main message included that Jesus rose from the dead. People around the world put their faith in him that he conquered death. Their belief motivated them to witness for other people to know the power of resurrection. Today, modern Christians seem to have lost that thrill and motivation about the resurrection of Christ. It is only a special day to go to church now. It is not something that is so exciting and so motivating that the resurrection of Christ is celebrated every day of every year. Few people share the joy for their confidence in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. No other religious teacher, no other founder of religion, no other religious philosopher, no one died and was resurrected!

Jesus is alive! Jesus is alive! Jesus is alive! Let that message thrill you twenty-four seven. Let that joy motivate you and be something that conquers your daily stress and disappointments. The resurrection of Jesus will be shared with all believers. The Bible says the dead in Christ will rise first at his coming. Then in the time that it takes a ray of light to bounce off the iris of our eyes the living will be captured up into the sky to be with Jesus. That is commonly called the Rapture.

Concentrate your spiritual thinking on the most profound thing that ever happened in history outside of God’s creation. Every day dwell on the living Jesus. Don’t just pray words. Talk to the living Jesus. Allow joy to take over your moods. You are privy to having a personal relationship with the person who by his own power brought himself back to life. He appeared to many people. At one time he appeared to five hundred at once. His resurrection is one of the greatest documented facts of history. Let your Easter Sunday be a celebration of the living Christ and that he has provided you life after death for all eternity.

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