The early beginning of the beginning of creation

Let us consider that there is more to the creation of all that is than just Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. In fact, we need to go back to a long, long time before that.

When we read the first chapter of Genesis, we are immediately struck with the fact that the globe that we call earth was already in existence by verse two.

As we turn our attention to chapter 1, we are impressed with the fact that God is the creator of all that is. That means the location we call heaven, and all the angels were created in verse one.

Then as we turn to Isaiah 14, we see described the destruction and downfall of Satan who was once a preferred angel in heaven. When he was cast to the earth, he brought destruction to it.

That brings us to a better understanding for where we place dinosaurs and what we call cave man in the timeframe of the first creation. All of this before verse two of Genesis chapter one.

At an unknown time, God created angels, what was then the earth, and what were the inhabitants of the earth when Satan’s fall occurred. In other words, there was a pre-Adamic race that existed. We can verify this by what God told Adam in Genesis 1: 28 saying he should replenish the earth. Even in the Hebrew translation God told Adam to replenish. Match this to Isaiah 14.

To summarize: in a certain time before anything was, God determined in his foreknowledge that he would send his son to be the Savior of the world after Adam fell according to Genesis 3:15. God created heaven and all the angels that were therein. God created an original earth populating it with animals and humanoids. Satan rebelled against God and was thrown to the original earth where he caused it to become void and without form. Then the spirit of God moved upon the earth according to verse two. Thereafter, follows the creation story of Adam and Eve and all that we know today.

This explains the existence of dinosaurs and caveman. This tells us why there is a difference between verse one and verse two. This tells us how the created earth became void and without form. This tells us of the consequence for when Satan was cast to earth from heaven. This tells us of God’s plan for the redemption of mankind. This tells us about the heart of God who wanted humans to be redeemed to Jesus.

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