A special prayer from mothers in need

There are so many reasons that mothers cannot relax and enjoy this Sunday’s Mother’s Day celebration. Perhaps the idea of such a celebration is hurtful because their child died too early in life. There are many mothers in other countries of the world who are persecuted, tortured, and imprisoned for their Christian faith. Many mothers are falling victim to dementia and Alzheimer’s in which they do not even recognize their loved ones. Other mothers do not have the adequate means to support their children and must work multiple jobs just for the family to have food. The families of mothers may find themselves in rat infested or disease infested environments. There are mothers who worry because their homes have been decimated by storms or volcanic eruptions. Mothers who try to raise their children in the biblical way are saddened because their offspring have rebelled against God. Persevering mothers have prayed for years and years for the salvation and health reasons of their children.

Mother’s Day is not a matter of flowers or candy or dinners or gifts even though all of these would be wonderful. However, many mothers have broken hearts and cannot find relief no matter how hard they try. The love of a mother can only be compared to the love of God. If they could, they would trade their circumstances or even their lives for the well-being of their children.

To them let also offer encouragement that we know of them. We cannot feel the suffering that they do, but at least we can be aware of it. These mothers, we all especially honor this Sunday. Let us offer a prayer for the mothers who are downtrodden, worried, whose faith has been stretched. Let us keep in mind the magnificence of motherhood that endures such burdens. We honor them not just by their title but what they experience in life, sometimes not even sharing their pain with her closest friend or child.

As children, it behooves us to honor our mothers because as they go through their senior citizen time, they may not be with us much longer. (Of course, this is true of aged fathers as well). Find some time this weekend to whisper a prayer that God has a special blessing for mothers some of which I have described above. Keep her in your thoughts. Give her the attention she deserves.

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