Mothers Day

Tribute to Mother

Reasons to honor and thank mothers.

  1. You join with God in the creation of a whole new human being to walk this earth.
  2. Your heart so deeply feels for your children, it is like that of God for all of humanity.
  3. You have a forgiving spirit that is open to anything done by your children.
  4. You quietly carry hurts done by your children.
  5. You seek only the best for the children you love whether they deserve it or not.
  6. Your guidance is more than information, it is wisdom.
  7. You would sacrifice anything for the protection and betterment of your children.
  8. You asked for nothing in return even though you deserve everything.
  9. The obstacles that have hindered you have never stood in the way of your love.
  10. Your beauty is on the inside no matter how the world sees you on the outside.
  11. Your first thought is always for others, especially your children.
  12. Your influence will live far beyond your lifetime into generations to come.
  13. You’ve never asked for payment for all that you have given your children.
  14. Your title is significantly more important than any scholar, politician, or inventor.
  15. What you put into the heart and mind of your children will sustain them in any battle.
  16. Unkind words from your children are automatically forgiven.
  17. The wishes you have for yourself are set aside for the wishes you have for your children.
  18. You are the definition of God’s love on earth.
  19. When your children are young, they walk on your toes; when older, they walk on your heart.
  20. No one as themselves deserves you, but they are blessed beyond any comparison to have you.

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