It’s All Gone!

There is not a drop or smidgen left. Not a dot or tittle still exists. It is all used up! There’s no way to open a cabinet to find it. There is no means to push further so it all turns around.

With these facts in mind, we struggle and fuss over it. We want to bring back or review parts of the past. We bring guilt and anxiety upon ourselves because of the past. Some people live more in the yesterday of their thinking.

The fact is all we have is the very second, we are alive-the one breath we breathe. In particular, the wrongs or sins (if you will) remain if we choose to mull over. The tragedy is that God said our sins (forgiven) are as far away as the East is from the West. God holds no grudges. Where we ask God to forgive, He does it thoroughly.

It would be great if we were willing to forgive ourselves, also, and live on to the tomorrows in this way. Think how more powerful our confidence and peace would be if we would just accept the past as in the past. Since God forgives us, let us do a better job of forgiving ourselves.

Guilt, troubled thoughts lead to further unhappiness until we let God be in charge of our forgiven past and in any recompense that God decides we must endure for spiritual growth. David expressed this as he wrote Psalm 51.

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