The man who ate grass

There was a man who was at the pinnacle of success. He had all that he could ever want. All those around him bowed in admiration and appreciation for who he was. They depended on his approval. They acknowledged the power he had in his life. He had it all!

Then one day insanity struck him. His home was his palace, but he ran from it into the fields of disorientation. For all intents and purposes, he became an animal. He looked deranged. He was so unkempt that his fingernails grew like claws. He ate the grass of the field. Despite his high standing position in the world, he became the lowest of the low.

His name was King Nebuchadnezzar. He was the ruler of the Babylonian empire through which he conquered nations and subjected peoples. He witnessed the impressive lives of a few godly men. Their miraculous servitude to God instead of him was humiliating. He sought ways to strike back at those who served a God other than himself.

Then in the midst of his insanity one day he realized who he really was. He was not a king. He was not a conqueror. He was not a god. It was merely a man that ignored the truth of the Almighty. He was simply a man like every other man outside the will of God. A heavenly voice smacked him with reality. He stayed in that condition until he realized that the Most High rules in the kingdom of man.

Later he reported to others that eventually he lifted up his eyes to heaven and his understanding returned. He praised and extolled and honored the true God that lives forever. His reasoning returned to him. The former glory he had as a king with honor and brightness also returned to him. He told others that he praised, extolled, honored the King of heaven whose works are true, and his ways are right. He warned others that should they walk in pride they can easily be abased.

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