After you read this, you will die

I did not say you would immediately die, even though that could be the case. I did not say you would die because you read this. The fact is you are going to die. This Memorial Day weekend was originally devoted to the memory of those who have died. Let this be a somber reminder to all of us that no matter what our age or station in life, we will die.

There are so many ways to leave your body by accident, by intent of yourself or someone else, by age, or by illness. The only certainty is that every single one of us is going to die! The resulting question is to ask what have you have done to prepare for your death? I’m not talking about funeral arrangements or last will and testament. I am talking about how you have prepared yourself for when you breathe your last breath.

Jesus spoke of hell more often than he did heaven. Yes, some religions practice the belief in reincarnation. Some say there is no afterlife. So many religions try to deal with the aftermath of death. Jesus is the only one who boldly and directly addressed this problem. He conquered death through his own resurrection after being murdered. He promised that in the same way he was resurrected so shall all believers have an eternal life with him.

If you have not made preparations for your death, you are gambling with your eternal soul. Hell is real. It is verified philosophically. It is convinced as a fact by various religions. We blame teenagers for acting like they will not suffer consequences or experience pain for their behavior or lack thereof. Adults are no different when they don’t anticipate what will happen the split second after their soul leaves their body.

Where do you think your soul will go? If you do not know Jesus Christ as Savior, you will go to hell. This is not a blog preaching hellfire. This is a road sign warning you that the bridge is out up ahead. Once you are dead, there’s nothing you can do about where your soul arrives. Think of your worst day that you ever had. Think of the most pain you ever had. Think of the greatest disappointment you ever had. Nothing you have ever experienced on this earth will be compared to hell.

Memorial Day reminds us that all those in the graves have gone one place or the other. Memorial Day reminds us of the grief we experience when we lost them. Memorial Day reminds us of the hole they left in our lives once there were gone. Most importantly of all, Memorial Day reminds us that the people’s bodies who are now in the ground have had their souls go somewhere.

Hell is a place of eternal damnation, of eternal torture, of eternal desperation, of eternal regret! It is a place where the soul is stuck in all of its misery without any help.

When you face God on Judgment Day, how could you possibly have any excuse for not accepting his holy son as your personal savior? What could you possibly say to the Almighty God after rejecting the only means to avoid hell? What evidence could you present to the Almighty judge?

Keep in mind that God will not send you to hell. By rejecting Jesus, you will be sending yourself to hell. By thinking that you can rely on your good character or your position in society God will be impressed. Because we all have sinned many times in many ways, none of us are perfect. None of us deserve to go to heaven. However, because of the love and kindness of God, he sent his son to die in our stead. The only way to avoid hell is to accept Jesus as your personal savior. If you postpone this decision, that postponement may be your ticket to hell.

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