Heroism has no plan for after the fact!

The hero responds to the moment. The hero disregards self. The hero sees the need. The hero puts others above any other concern.

Being a hero requires no accolades. Being a hero steps in when others cannot, will not, are not available. Being a hero requires loyalty, conviction, faithfulness, honor, and being unique.

Often death is the reward to the hero. If not death, serious wounds leave scars for life. The hero frequently suffers the consequences of putting others first.

Too often their heroic actions are quickly forgotten by others. Only very few retain such appreciation for the sacrifices made by a hero. Those very few carries with them the pain of the hero killed in battle.

Civilization would be greatly scarred without the hero because heroism stands between darkness and light for others. All of history would be changed without the hero.

Circumstances lie at the feet of the person who will soon be a hero. Choices are not debated by the hero. There is a driving force within the heart of a hero.

It behooves all others to remember the stranger who died in battle or whose grave is unknown. Memory of the hero becomes the making of the next hero.

This mighty nation has its roots in the shed blood of the hero. That blood cries out for justice against the evil of the world. It forewarns those who would challenge the power of purpose for every single citizen.

Without remembering the hero, the nation is less of its own humanity and of its own future. Let all know that this nation draws its might from the individual who sacrificed everything.

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