God’s Power Over this Virus

The power of God which brought Jesus out of the tomb shall bring us out of this worldwide affliction. Let us learn the lesson that in the past may have been hard, but now it is self-evident. God brought his son out of the tomb and defeated death. If we can in the depths of our souls believe that, we can also believe that God will deliver us from the virus that plagues us. God is not standing by idle.

Be assured God will deliver us. For whatever reason we know not that he allowed this to come upon us, we know that God’s timing is good. We know the healing of the world will occur. We know that because of the resurrection God is all-powerful. It is not just powerful enough to answer some of our silly prayers. He is so powerful that he will condemn this plague upon as like he condemned death that gripped his son.

Keep in mind that there will be a future in which death will be thrown in the fiery pits forever away from us. In Christ we will live. Through Christ we can have forgiveness and the promise of eternity with him. Because of Christ we can look at the power of God raising him from the dead so that he will bring our world back from death’s edge. Be encouraged. Be aware more of God than of this virus. The virus will at some time be gone, but Jesus said he would never leave us nor forsake us.

Categories Easter, Faith, fear, forgiveness, Jesus is God, pandemic, troubled times

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