Why Has this Virus Come Upon Us?

“Oh God, why has this happened?” Such a question could be asked under many circumstances. It could be a financial misfortune, an automobile accident, an unexpected divorce, a rebellious child, the consequences of a bad decision, or legal reprisal. Currently the question may be about the virus as an individual who contracts it or a relative who passes from it.

One of the best answers I’ve heard regarding this question is, “why not?” Bad things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people. In all the circumstances of life it rains on the just and the unjust. It so happens that it is raining on the whole world.

Some might want to waive their fist at God and be angry that this happened and ruined their lovely lifestyle? Are we to hold God responsible that a great log fell on the road ahead of us? Are we to think that God should fix things immediately just because we expect him to do it? Are we to think that God is so sadistic that he would do it for his own jollies?

We are all hurting one way or the other. We are all disappointed that much of our plans have been ruined. We are facing spring and then summer when we would have had so much potential for fun and relaxation. Instead we are facing the prospect of at least two more months confined to our homes, as businesses wind down to nothing, and Wall Street is uncertain.

There’s a major difference between honestly asking God why something happened vs. asking God in anger and giving him an accusation. It is okay to ask God questions. It is not okay to blame him for what others may have caused through their recklessness or what might have just happened in the course of nature.

The key to fixing our mental and spiritual discontent is knowing God is always in charge. There is an old saying that says God is never in a hurry, but he is never late. I suggest that this is not God’s fault, but it will be God’s remedy. When we say that we are in this together that must include God too. It must include an ongoing love and devotion to him. It must be an acknowledgment of his power and mercy.

On the cross Jesus said, “my God, my God why have you forsaken me?” On the cross he experienced the same bewilderment as we do now. He stood on our path and walked on our road. He experienced what it is like to not have the smile of God. Keep the rest of the story in mind. He experienced the power and glory of the heavenly father through his resurrection. Look for the silver lining, not the cloud.

As we hang tight to the power of God which brought Jesus out of the tomb so shall he bring us out of this worldwide affliction. Let us learn the lesson that in the past may have been hard, but now it is self-evident. God brought his son out of the tomb and defeated death. If we can in the depths of our souls believe that, we can also believe that God will deliver us from the virus that plagues us. God is not standing by idle.

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